INE Bootcamp Review : It’s all about the instructor – the dark ages are gone

Right now, I’m sitting on my hotel after 5 days of CCIE R&S bootcamp with Brian Dennis and I wanted to share a little bit of my experience on the class.

For background, I have gone through two other bootcamps and they have been disappointing for me as I did not get what I wanted, or what I really need it out of those. This bootcamp (third one)  has been a totally different experience.

The bootcamp runs most of the time from 09:00 am to late 07:00 pm (some days a little bit later), Brian stands up for the full 9-10 hour every day giving full non-stop lectures. The guy is simply a machine, he runs on energizer battery and it keeps Going and going and going. If you go to this class, you’ll probably be amazed on how much stamina he’s got to be able to stand up in the front line and run a class with just a couple of 5 min breaks, 1 h lunch time and bunch of coffee (the fuel of the geeks). During the 9-10 hours of the class, you are probably not going to touch a CLI, Brian would do it all on the screen explaining a lot of weird situations you may find on the exam and on your life as a networker. And this is good, you have plenty of time to practice after the class (racks runs for 24 h), or later at home.

INE CCIE R&S bootcamp

This class fits very well with all of the INE study material, it’s probably the last thing you need to use before going to the Lab, considering you have been building your study strategy around full scale labs (INE Vol II) and the Cisco Documentation. Something really important to consider, when you are coming to this class you are expected to have done INE Vol I and probably watched all the new ATC 4.5 videos. Brian wont explain how to create a Vlan or how ISL/ dot1q works (that’s what Brian McGahan does on the ATC), what he is going to do is configure and explain scenarios for you that are not covered normally on the other material, like issues with VTP, MST and vlan filtering/pruning, etc. He won’t teach you how to configure OSPF, he is going to teach how to build the topology around the OSPF database, weird scenarios with the forward address, etc. And I think this is critical to know beforehand because you should plan to come to this bootcamp on the far end of your study and close to taking the exam. If you are thinking about taking the exam in 1 year and are expecting for Brian to write notes for you on a scripted class with power point, this bootcamp is not the place for you.

I have to say that this is probably the best teaching experience that I have ever had on my entire life, and I’m really happy to have invested my money with them, even if my other two bootcamp where not as good. I would recommend anyone to go to this class, Brian Dennis is a really good person, very funny and time will fly on the classes, I’m sure you’ll like it.

I have 5 more days, of bootcamp starting tomorrow, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel is the co-founder of Network Faculty. He holds the following certifications: CCNA, CCNP, CCIP, LPIC Level 2 and Security+. He loves Perl Programming, Linux, IPv6 and Multicast deployments. When not doing network related study/work, he is training for triathlons and other endurance sports.

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