CCIE Salary and Jobs

Nowadays, the CCIE certification is very wanted, not only by networking guys who want to hold that plaque in their desks, but also  by companies who need to hire CCIE holders to offer advanced and high-quality services and also to get discounts from Cisco on equipment.

The salary that a CCIE can earn depends a lot on the country you are, but in order to get a brief idea about quantities per year, here we have some statistics obtained from itjobs:

  • CCIE salary in USA: 100k – 150k $ (USD)
  • CCIE salary in UK: 60k – 70k £
  • CCIE salary in Germany: 60k – 90k €
  • CCIE salary in South Africa: 57k – 76k £
  • CCIE salary in China (Hong-Kong): 50k $ (HKD)

Global Knowledge and TechReplublic have also done together a decent salary survey. You can see the average salary for a CCNA, CCNP and CCIE (a small subset of the info they gathered):

CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate $75,000
CCNP: Cisco Certified Network Professional $92,975
CCIE R&S: Cisco Certified Internetwork $105,000

It’s not the biggest cash cow of IT certifications, but it’s still pulling down good money. Nowadays, the certifications that are on the top are related to business management, such as Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) or ITIL v2 Foundations. But, in any case, the CCIE certifications are on the top five of the most valuable technical certifications worldwide.

So it’s a good invest of money and time trying to pursue the CCIE certification. If we combine it with experience, we can make a really good salary. Although money can’t be the only motivation to reach the CCIE; if so, studying for the exam would become even harder and tiring. You must enjoy with the technology, and you must have that little spark in your eyes when talking about routing and stuff like that, because you are going to spend hours and hours labbing that. Trying to get the CCIE certification is not an easy duty; you need to invest time and money. But when you reach it, you’ll see that the investment has been worthy.

And it’s not only a matter of better salary. One of the best things of holding a CCIE certification in comparison to other Cisco certifications is that gives the opportunity of relocation easily. It’s quite easy to get high paying jobs in cities like Tokyo, Beijing, London and other leading cities. If you were looking for career chances abroad, holding the CCIE certification can be the opportunity of your lifetime!!

Don’t forget that there are only a few thousand CCIE certified in the world. So if you become one of those few, many opportunities will come to you knocking on your door. It’s like having a cover letter that makes half of the interview done, because it certifies that you have the skills necessary of a network engineers to plan, operate, and troubleshoot the infrastructures based on Cisco equipment. If we just check on internet for “CCIE job”, we will get plenty of offers and opportunities with a quite high remuneration.

The above statistics are only for permanent positions, there is another kind of market where the ones holding a CCIE can shine, and it’s the contractor field. For example you can find good opportunities in Europe that goes around the 500-800 € per day easily if you hold the CCIE and a decent amount of experience to back it up. You can see it for yourself here at:

It is for sure hard to obtain the certification, but once you hold it, you can be sure that your career will be stable, and your income will become higher while you get more experience.  So after getting your CCIE number, start to think what you will do when you decide to retire!! ;)